The Popstick

Ultra thin and portable

At 1.8mm thin and 550mm long, popstick is basically no bigger than a wide watch strap. But your phone tells you the time, so what’s the point in a watch.

You should get one!

Gesture controlled

We’ve ditched dodgy Bluetooth connections, and instead use gesture controls in our app, popworlds. Buttons are so 2005. Am I right? High five!

Seriously, get it!


It fits all phones. For real. And we won’t even discontinue support for older generation phones. Unless it’s the original Motorola. But if you’re using that, a selfie-stick is the least of your problems. Upgrade already grandpa!

Not even kidding, just get one!

100% made up testimonial

"Why have a boring selfie stick when you could have steak, or something."

– Probably a customer

Get it for less, first!

To celebrate the launch of the popstick, all early birds get popstick with a 25% discount off the regular retail price of £20.

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How does it work?
When you’re not using popstick, you wear it on your wrist like a wristband. When you’re ready to take a selfie, take popstick off your wrist and unwrap or flick it into a rigid selfie stick. Attach your phone in the universal mount, take your selfie, and when you’re ready to go just snap it back on your wrist like a 90’s slap band. Well, you might want to remove your phone, too! 

What smartphone can I use?
Did you just skip to this? Fine. You can pretty much use every smartphone. Size doesn’t matter.

How do I take a photo?
For real? You can use our super cool app, popworlds, available on iOS and android. Or, use the selfie timer.

I want a Bluetooth button.
Gah, really? Ok. I guess you could drop us a line at and we’ll see what we can do. Try the gestures though. Change is good!

When will I get my popstick?
We’re taking orders now, and will ship in early December. Our goal is to have them to all customers by Christmas. In many ways, we’re like Santa Claus.

Why a selfie-stick?
Because the wearables market is saturated with smartwatches and fitness trackers, but what the world really needs is more selfie-sticks, obvs.

I’ve changed my mind, I want a refund.
That’s not really a question, but no worries. Drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to give you a refund or replacement.

I want a different colour.
Seriously, this isn’t a question either. Right now, you can get black, dark black (black), #000 (black), dark off black (black), or dark gunmetal grey (black). Just kidding! We’re releasing new colours in the new year, so if you decide you want a different one later, drop us a line at Or, yanno, buy 2!

Can I bulk buy wholesale and customize?
Yes. Please, take them all. Get in touch to chat about it. Email

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