The Popstick

Urgent note about Christmas shipping

POST UPDATED: 18th December 2017

Unfortunately we have heard from the manufacturer that further delays mean this now applies to all domestic and international orders. 



When you’re trying to get a product to market, be it hardware or software, there are always going to be a few hiccups. Popstick has had its fair share and sadly we aren’t done yet.

I’m deeply sorry to say to all our customers, we will not be able to meet the shipping deadline in time for Christmas.

If have ordered a popstick before 13th December, your order will be refunded and I will be getting in touch to apologise personally.


What has happened?

I won’t beat around the bush here. We have the first batch of popsticks on order with our manufacturing partners, however we didn’t factor in the seasonal impact on our product lead time. Although they are now in the manufacturing process, we found out yesterday (12th December) that will not have popsticks in hand for at least a week, meaning we miss the last international shipping day by a few days.

It boils down to the size of our order. Because we are a bootstrapped startup and do not have a huge amount of buying power, we are unable to order large quantities of popstick from our manufacturing partners. Understandably, as this is such a busy time of year, customers with bigger orders come first.

We understand the manufacturer’s side of this and in no way hold them responsible. Holiday lead time is something we should have anticipated when we started taking popstick orders back in November.


What are we doing about it?

For all the orders affected by our mistake, we have already provided full refunds. What’s more, once we have popsticks in hand and ready to ship, we will be honouring all the affected orders, completely free of charge.

We are under no illusion this will make up for missing such a critical deadline, but we hope it will go some way to rebuilding the broken trust and relationship we want to have with our customers.


What about everyone else?

This affects all domestic and international orders made prior to the 13th December. We will be shipping all popstick orders in January 2018, providing there are no further delays to manufacturing.

I am deeply sorry for any inconvenience this will cause to our customers and hope we can find ways to make up for it in the coming year.

Matt Aunger

Head of Brand @ Popstick