The Popstick

How it works

When you’re not using popstick to take selfies, it wraps comfortably around your wrist and travels with you wherever you go. Thanks to the soft silicon shell and lightweight metal core, you’ll barely notice it’s there, whether you’re scaling a rock face during an epic adventure, or simply taking a stroll in your local neighbourhood.



Using popstick

When you want to use popstick, unroll it from your wrist and snap it into a rigid selfie stick. Use the universal elastic mount to attach your smartphone, and get the perfect angle.

Open up the popworlds app, and when you’re ready to take your selfie, start the timer by performing the gesture, and wait a moment for the camera to snap your shot.

Once you’re done, take your phone out of the mount and slap the selfie stick back on your wrist like a 90’s slap band.